We’re back from Milwaukee! With many photos and even more beer!

We had a fantastic time there over the weekend. Friday night, we got in around 10pm, checked into the hotel, and headed to Bryant’s for some classic cocktails. Saturday, we toured the three places I lived in Milwaukee from the ages of 0-2 years old (it’s part of my 101 things list), then had lunch at Cubanitos, which was highly delicious.

brunch at cubanitos

We wandered around to see the sights (even though I was born in Milwaukee and spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house, I haven’t seen much of it), then climbed up in a lighthouse that just happened to be open as we were driving past.

north point lighthouse

We even took Bally to see the basketball arena at Marquette University!

mitchell domes

We had beers at a brewpub packed full of people from various booze cruises on the river, then hung out at the Swingin’ Door Pub. It’s a bar I was unaware of til last week, when my dad told us he held the record for drinking atop a stack of barstools there. 14 of them, to be exact. I’m pretty sure the place hasn’t changed since he was last there in 1970 or so.

We had dinner at the Hi Hat, where we ended up hanging out with the bartender, who bought us shots. We then headed over to a place in the Ambassador Hotel called Envoy, and finally to the Rave to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Holy crap, what an awesome show. We managed to get right up front, too. (Also, that building is AMAZING. I’m envious, Milwaukee.)

On the way home Sunday morning, we stopped for lunch at the Great Dane in Madison. I love that place a lot, despite it being in Bucky’s homeland.

Yesterday was the first day at our new office! We’re in the former Carmichael Lynch building, across the street from the State Theatre. The office is at least twice as big, and though it’s still halfway under construction, will feature a full kitchen, glassed-in conference room, several couches, a rocking chair, a room where you can go hide if you want to stab someone (or nurse, I guess? I prefer thinking of it as the stabbing room), and a tv which will hopefully be tuned to ESPN all day. It’s really, really nice, and the view from my desk is of the top of the State’s marquee.

I’m a fan of being back in this area, and it’s exciting to be able to do things like have lunch at the Depot Tavern with my sister today. Next up: the She Royal Food Truck, which is apparently parked behind our building daily. How awesome is that?

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