now i just need chickens and a burro. 2

The urban farm setup is nearing completion! Last night, we assembled Earthtainer #2 and planted tomatoes and peppers:

I also planted flowers in the windowbox, ornamental grass in the front planters, and Matt killed weeds dead. We just need a few more plants and some mowing, and our yard will be ready for summer.

Afterwards, we made empanadas for dinner. The dough I made was unusual… it came out more crispy than flaky, but it was kind of perfect. I had mushroom, tomato, and cheese empanadas, with curried mango for dessert. They’re so delicious. Good thing we have leftovers.

Oh, and just to complete the domesticity, I did laundry and knitted socks. That’s right.

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  1. Reply joNo Gravatar May 18, 2010 11:19 am

    the empanadas and curried mango sound completely yummy, and the empanada picture is worthy of a food magazine. if that is not a perfectly golden-brown crust, then i have not seen one. are you sure there’s not some weird 1950s time warp right around your house? ;-)

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