urban farm expansion

Bill came over last night and helped us build our Earthtainers. And by ‘helped us’, I mean he did almost all the work, because he brought the power tools.

We bought a bunch of materials on Wednesday night, and Willis already had the rest of it ready to go. The thing that really impressed me about the process is that there’s hardly any waste: you have to cut the bottoms off half of the 30-gallon storage containers to make the drainage portion above, but the leftover pieces are ideal plant protection from cold. I wish I’d had them last week.

It took us only a couple hours and one beer to build three of them. The process is insanely complicated, but the end result is something that will last more than a few seasons. I’m really impressed with the design. The cages are connected to each other and bolted to the container. You fill the reservoir via a watering tube, and there’s drainage so you can’t overwater. I have a small version of this on the patio already for our herbs, but this is huge:

We’ll be in Watertown this weekend, but I’ll be buying tomatoes and peppers as soon as we get back. It’s planting time!

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