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Holy crap, work is crazy busy. I’m finishing up my first real addition to our tax software in VB.NET. Since I didn’t know VB.NET a month or so ago, I consider it a major accomplishment.

This weekend in summary fashion:

Friday, six of us met up at Joe’s house in Crystal, then drove the 15 minutes or so to the gigantic movie theater in St Michael. 15 minutes doesn’t seem like much until you realize you’re on the part of the interstate without streetlights, and you’re nearing St Cloud. Anyway, the drive was worth it: the theater looks exactly like Paris (the casino) inside, and they have a bar with Wisconsin-priced drinks. SCORE.

We saw ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ (consensus: see it, but don’t see it sober). The best part was when Joe would lean over every 10 minutes and whisper, “Ok, that was my favorite part so far!” It’s possible he was drinking from a flask at the time.

Afterwards, we all headed back to Crystal, where we had the fortunate luck of driving past the VFW and noticing a pink party bus outside. Well, you know what that means. We had to go witness the awesomeness that was an old-lady bachelorette party, complete with male blow-up doll.

Saturday, Matt and I ran errands, including the $5 poster sale at Aesthetic Apparatus. The place was insanely crowded, but it was worth the trip. (I spent half of it looking at their materials and wanting to see inside the studio.) We watched much in the way of basketball and hockey, and around 10:30 went over to Blue Nile for the Twin Cities Battle League. We found out there that they weren’t actually rapping (there was a dance battle and a lot of spoken word, and the DJ was fantastic), so around 1am, we went to Town Talk. They had technically just closed, but as we all know, that means nothing. So this happened:

Sunday, I went over to Needlework Unlimited’s knitting clinic, because they’d informed me that Brian could help me with my steeks. (For the non-knitters, steeks are involved when you knit something in a tube, then sew along the edges to tack the stitches down, and cut the whole thing in half. Cutting your knitting is highly nerve-wracking, as expected.) I haven’t used a sewing machine since I was a kid, and I really didn’t want to screw it up. Brian not only helped me out, but he re-taught me how to sew! I finished them up myself in about an hour, and went home to cut up my knitting.

Here’s the end result of cutting the front panel.

I did the same with the back panel, and now I’m working on the border with the two pieces already attached. (Here’s what the end result should look like, in different colors.)  I can’t wait for it to be finished; it’s ridiculously cute. (It’s for Bill and Katie’s daughter, who’s due at the beginning of May. Bill, please act surprised when you see it!)

We’ve gotten a lot done as far as spring preparation as well: we weather-sealed the adirondack chairs, had our first bonfire of the season, cleaned out the garden, put in a soaker hose and trellis netting, and I planted the first of the cold-weather seeds. This is a full two weeks earlier than last year, which is awesome. With the 70-degree temps this week, it’s kind of hard to imagine it snowing again anytime soon.

Matt’s parents will be here tonight, so I’m expecting to walk in from the gym to find cocktail hour in full swing. WIN.

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    I promise I’ll act surprised.

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