I’m rushing, but I need to update on the weekend!!

Saturday, Matt and I did our final ticket handoff at the Mall of America, and the cash went to the bank. Man, I’m glad we weren’t at the Final Five: North Dakota won. I hate those guys.

In the evening, we met many people at Brunswick Zone in Blaine to celebrate Adam and Josh’s return to America with laser tag and video games. While laser tag was awesome, the bumper cars were even more awesome. I think I almost hyperventilated from being in hysterics the whole time.

Later that night, Matt and I returned to Minneapolis for the Dropsteppers show at the 501 Club. They were great, but I actually liked the DJ (from III Kings Soundsystem) even better. 501 was… not full at all. I’m not sure if that place is going to be in business much longer, which sucks because it’s a good space. Also, they have champagne in a can, which our hilarious bartender introduced to us. WHO KNEW?

Sunday morning, we had brunch at Grumpy’s and then went over to Target Field for the open house. Holy crap, we were excited. And rightly so; the place is amazing.

While touring the suites and VIP areas was exciting (especially since we’re very unlikely to see them again), I think the best part was finding and sitting in our new seats. They’re in the second row in the second level, and you have to go through a bar to get to them. The bartender introduced himself, because we’d obviously be seeing more of him.

Here’s the view from our seats. I’m going to have to be a lot more alert about foul balls, even though Matt always promises to catch them before they hit me in the head and 1) embarrass me on TV, then possibly 2) kill me.

I don’t care how much people bitch about taxes or traffic; having a stadium like that is something to make a city proud. It improves the community substantially. Oh, and the cheese curds come in a boat. Take that, haters.

Somehow, magically, we ended up with this.  And here are many more pictures from our tour!

Yesterday, I went to the gym, and then we went on our first bike ride of the season. It’s always kind of nervewracking getting on a bike for the first time in a while, because my terrible balance is kind of a concern. Ok, it’s really a concern: I avoid traffic if at all possible. Therefore, it’s really convenient living two blocks from Minnehaha Creek, and in a neighborhood where we can ride places like the grocery and liquor store via mostly side streets.

I also blocked the Springtime Swirl shawl, which I mean to use as a tablecloth. And hopefully enter in the fair!

This is a good example of the faith you have to have when knitting lace. It looks terrible while you’re working on it, so you’re never quite convinced that it will turn out well. Here it is pre-blocking:

Though hard to see, here it is after washing and applying 40,000 stick pins:

I’m hoping it’s dry tonight so I can see it in its finished glory.

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