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Whoa, it’s been a whole week since I posted. I’ve been very busy this week, trying to get an upgrade finished at work!

Here’s what’s gone on in the meantime:

We had a double-date with Missy and Joe at Cooper Pub, followed by Sherlock Holmes at the fancy movie theater in St Louis Park. For $15, you get a gigantic chair with a table, and a full restaurant and bar. It was absolutely worth it, and the movie was better than expected.

Matt and I went to Blingo at Triple Rock. I won a pair of tickets to a show, but we already have plans that night. And of course the drinks were strong and we were there late, so Friday kind of hurt a little.

Friday, Matt’s parents arrived at the Westin. They were in town to celebrate Harlan’s 70th birthday, so we met them for dinner at Hell’s Kitchen.  It was excellent all around! We went home afterwards to watch the Gophers win for once, and I baked a cake for Harlan’s birthday.

Saturday, I got up and frosted the mini-cake (6″ cake pans? so awesome!), and then had to hide everything when Harlan and Judy stopped by to see our Christmas tree. I know we had it up so late in the year as to be tacky, but I wanted them to see it in person! Later in the afternoon, we headed down to meet them at the hotel. We shopped downtown with Judy, then walked back for cocktail hour in the room, followed by Bank. After that, we walked over to the Dakota, where we had reservations for an awesome table along the balcony rail. We saw Davina and the Vagabonds (my new favorite local band), and had an excellent meal. Then we took a cab back to the hotel for cake.

Have you ever had to take a cab at 10pm? It’s pretty great. Our driver had a lot to say about the Vikings, of course.

We sat around talking and drinking Matt’s cranberry-infused vodka and some of the Mount Gay 1703, which Harlan loved a lot. I hear it was perfect with the cake, too! Later, Matt and I said goodbye and headed secretly to Prohibition. They make a hell of an aviation, and we were still done by about midnight.

Sunday morning, we met them back at Bank for brunch. It was the typical hotel brunch buffet, but the food quality was much higher. For $9, you can’t beat it. We then accompanied them to Costco and Borders, sent them on their way back to South Dakota, and headed home to clean like crazy and put away all the Christmas decorations. Our house is quite shiny right now!

Last night, we met Wendy and Amelia at Luce for some Awesome Pizza (it’s been way too long), then stopped at NBA City for a shot to give us strength for what came next. The bartender gave us free Jager shots as well, so we were fully prepared for:


You may not know that Matt was a huge wrestling fan when he was younger, and I’ll just go ahead and out him as still somewhat of a wrestling fan, especially when it’s late at night and he’s had a couple of drinks. So when both he and Wendy won tickets to WWE at Target Center, I knew I was kind of stuck. I wasn’t thrilled about it til I learned who the special guest was, though:


Yep, I got to see the crazy tattoo-faced lispy man in person. And though I understood little of what was going on (I realized you have to have a lot of previous knowledge of the wrestlers to understand their various feuds), it was still hella entertaining. The crowd was hilarious, the kids were really into it, there were fireworks, and Target Center was packed. For free, you can’t beat that kind of ridiculous spectacle.*

(*Note to Matt: that doesn’t mean I really want to go again. Maybe to the one at First Ave, though.)

Other notable items from last week:

I posted Dominica, Grenada, and Tobago photos! Go look! I was floored yesterday when I realized that it was exactly a month since we’d landed in San Juan. It feels like it’s been months since then. Time for another vacation, I guess!

Also, I signed up for a letterpress class through the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I had to ponder it for a while, because the class is really expensive, as are all the materials I’d need to get started on my own. However, I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time, and I think I could be decent enough at it to maybe make money on it someday. So I’m going to give it a try for the next six weeks!

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