brush your shoulders off

I spent a little more than two days feeling like something sinister was building up in my system. I had a fever, I ached, and I wanted to nap 20 times a day. By Tuesday evening, though, I decided to call its bluff. If it wasn’t going to get any worse, it obviously couldn’t be anything too terrible. By yesterday afternoon, I felt fine.

I credit this fake Emergen-C I got at Kowalskis, and sheer force of will. Realistic, yes?

I was absolutely thrilled to get back to the gym yesterday, even if there was a dumbass there who switched my TV from ESPN (chicks don’t want sports!) and then proceeded to talk on his phone for half an hour. About the Yankees. Good thing I don’t keep a knife in my gym bag.

Because we’ve been home a lot due to potential sickness and some cash-hoarding pre-vacation, our house is very very clean, and we’ve had some spectacular meals. I made the whole wheat master recipe from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (I don’t have the book yet – hey, Christmas! – but they posted the recipe on their blog). It’s fantastic, and once again I’d like to tell all of you to go buy the book. Having homemade bread around the house all the time couldn’t be easier, particularly if you own a stand mixer.

Tonight, we will pack. We’re going to Boston tomorrow! I will visit states #45, 46, and 47, and will return on Tuesday to tell you all about it.

Have a great weekend!

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