blame canada

Look at how awesome this is.

(It’s more awesome now that it’s blocked.) Do I know what to do with it? No. Am I likely to wear it? I guess, if it goes with my sports-team tshirt and capris. I’ll figure something out, or perhaps it’ll be a gift.

I have this constant battle in my head regarding knitting: I really dislike making anything that’s not useful. (That goes for just about everything in my life.) And yet I’m so drawn to patterns like this, because they just look nice. I finally decided to just knit whatever the hell I feel like, and figure out a use for it later. Just the making-of-it is enjoyable, and therefore it’s awesome. Therefore, there’s going to be a lot of lacy crap laying around our house.

Last night, Matt and I went to see the Minnesota Thunder vs the Kansas City Wizards. That’s like the minor league team taking on the pros, so it was very exciting. We had a good time and the Thunder actually made a run at it; sadly, they ended up losing 4-3 on PKs. Rather than explain that, I’ll just tell you that it’s like a shootout in hockey.

The main thing, though, is that OH MY GOD, IT WAS SO COLD. How can this be summer? My garden is going to die of confusion.

Tonight, hot date with Costco and baking! Oh yeah, baby!

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