i’m full of mock duck pizza and great ideas.

This weekend felt like many weekends in one. And as you know, weekends are always awesome.

We went to Ryan’s for Friday Night Meats, which was highly entertaining and featured an impromptu jam session between Matt (on the piano) and Doran (on the guitar), while Meg and I watched in amazement. Matt and I headed over to La Belle Via much later in the evening, to meet friends of his from high school. Seriously, people he’s not seen in 10 years. I love that.

And I loved them. They’re the kind of people who you talk to for 10 minutes and feel like you’ve known forever. Then when they head back to South Dakota the next day, you’re confused about why you’re not seeing them again right away. Is that a couple-crush? Possibly.

The Red Dragon probably enhances that effect quite a bit.

Saturday, we worked off our unavoidable hangovers by sweating in the yard. I did some harvesting and made a salad.

In the evening, we went over to Klein’s to grill and have movies in the yard. Joe made ghetto margaritas involving Patron and Tahitian Treat.

Right before movietime, the sky suddenly turned orange. Then it started to sprinkle. Ten seconds later, it started to pour. We all ran for the garage and occupied ourselves with throwing a football at Ryan’s head while he wore an oversized motorcycle helmet.

Movies finally commenced. We managed to see much of Empire Records projected on Klein’s garage, then many of us wandered off to play a trivia game and missed all of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Except for these guys in the Snuggie 3-way:

On Sunday, Matt and I went to The Local to watch the USA vs Brazil Confederations Cup final. As with any soccer-related event, we saw a bunch of people we knew, including Kris and Orsi. The first half was amazing (2-0 US), with the bar exploding for each goal. It was really exciting. The second half… well, it could’ve gone better. Then again, nobody in the entire universe, including the US team, expected they’d make it that far. It was a hell of a run, and it bodes well for the World Cup.

Since it was awesome outside, we decided to wander down to Loring Park. There we encountered Katie, Desi and her girlfriend, Wendy, Amelia, and Ash.

We circled the park to see all the tents, then headed back into downtown. We were supposed to meet Robin and Sandy back on the patio at The Local, but we were tired, and our yard called.

I totally fell asleep in the hammock after reading several pages of Infinite Jest.

Then we grilled! We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of that grill, for real.

Last night, Matt and I did some very important shopping (I ended up with a tennis racquet and acrylic boxes in which to display our souvenir collections from various vacations), and then we picked up dinner at Five Guys.  Despite being a hamburger restaurant, they have two vegetarian sammich options. Not to mention cajun fries, which are actually spicy. We’ll be returning again soon, probably during an hour when it might be possible to find a table. You should check it out, too.

Happy Tuesday-that’s-more-like-a-Wednesday!!

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