my hammock awaits.

My brother and his family are in town! Did I mention that Scott has a southern accent now? Wow.

We celebrated Melody’s birthday with them on Wednesday. Here, Kaitie’s eating spoonfuls of frosting, and then probably not sleeping for a week. You know you’re an adult when this makes you gag.

Last night, Matt and I dined at Triple Rock, then joined our friends at their softball game in south Minneapolis. Pete and Klein had decided to go pro (or at least look like it), and it seemed to help them a lot. We were impressed.

After a short stint with a million of us crowded onto the patio at the Richfield American Legion (largest in Minnesota!), we headed to reclaim the glory at trivia. We did, of course, and they paid us in 100 singles. They seemed to think that was a dick move, but we sure didn’t. Doran made it rain.

We got home far too late, which makes it surprising that I’m not napping at my desk today. I considered napping on a bench over lunch, though. I went to witness the city hall belltower playing Michael Jackson songs, and considered just staying out there all day. It’s gorgeous outside.

This weekend promises to be awesome, as it involves Friday and Saturday night grilling, outdoor movies, family time, old-friend meetup, watching the US vs Brazil final at the Local, and perhaps even some lawnmowing, before our yard turns into a jungle.

Hope yours is excellent too!

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