in which we’re infectious!

Matt and I both went to the doctor yesterday. He has pinkeye from his cold. I have an ear infection. We both have antibiotics now, and are on the road to recovery! Also, the doctor washed out my left ear. Mother of god, is that the grossest feeling ever or what? (Actually, there’s one medical procedure that creeped me out even more, but it involves the downthere region, and if you’ve been reading for a while, you know. I won’t subject you to that again.)

In the evening, we headed out to beautiful Shakopee, Minnesota, to meet my parents at Mystic Lake. We missed the turn by a few miles, and on the way back to the exit, a Dodge Neon pulled up alongside us and revved the engine, wanting to drag race. I almost drove off the road in hysterics. Pretty sure my GTO could take you, son, but I’d prefer not to crash it or ruin my impeccable (read: ‘fixed-up via various means’) driving record.

We arrived and found my parents at the penny slots. They’re at the casino at least once a week now, due to the senior benefits and the allure of free cash. I’d worry about that, except for: 1) penny slots, and 2) they win. A lot. I really can’t believe how often they win. Within a half-hour, my mom had over $100. She bought us dinner.

We enjoyed the buffet, which was surprisingly good, and reminded us of the cruise. After dinner, we all went to play on the machines. Matt and I played pennies and nickels; I took a while to lose my $20, while he turned his into more than $100. We then took turns playing blackjack. At the end of the night, he was up $200. I busted for the second time in my life. I don’t really mind, as I have a pretty good record playing blackjack.

Also, he can buy me dinner. WIN!

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