Yesterday, I thought maybe I was getting sick. It felt like balloons were being inflated inside my sinuses, and I had aches in places as diverse as my armpits and my gums. So I did what any right-thinking person would do: I got a box of Zicam (with a coupon, thanks to Twitter), and went out.

The Parkway is doing a Coen Brothers series, beginning with The Big Lebowski. For $8, you get a white russian (or margarita) and a ticket to the movie. What we learned while there is that discount only applies at the counter in the theater (not inside Pepitos, the attached restaurant), but we hardly minded. We had dinner, bought discounted tickets from our server, and were able to bring our to-go cups into the theater with us. This turned out to be the right plan, since the bar behind the counter had just run out of cream for white russians as we arrived.

I’ve seen The Big Lebowski approximately 4,500 times in my life. However, seeing it again on a big screen, while lounging on a loveseat with my favorite boy and a margarita? It can’t get much better than that.

It’s Wednesday, baby!

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