this is the last time you’ll hear from me this year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!! I’m at work and don’t even mind. I’ll be in the Caribbean in 12 days, after all.

Rather than post a long recap of the weekend, I will sum it up in 25 words so we can get on with the celebrating:

guitar hero loose cannon half-time rec arsenal northeast palace naked ladies talib kweli grinding injury triple rock brunch vikings gophers hockey shootout wii boxing sleep.

And now, since it’s pretty much impossible to describe how awesome this year has been, here is a photographic representation instead. For descriptions, go here!

click for larger version

My resolutions last year were:

  • have fun
  • be awesome
  • don’t die

I’d call it a success, and I’m going to stick to that again in the next year. By 2009, I’d like to still have amazing friends, have traveled to some new places, have done some more good work for charity, and still be madly in love. Not surprisingly, I’m not worried about any of that.

Have an excellent evening, dudes. See you next year!


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