more spring, please!

Things that suck: Not waking up with Matt. His parents are only here for one more night, though, so something tells me I’ll survive. Things that are awesome: My photos from Mexico are done!! Go look. I’ll do some more work, and be back to say hi again before we go camping. Hasta luego! Jenni

puff diddly

This weekend in pictures: $2.99 margaritas! darts! cupcakes! girls night! my first pattern on ravelry! It was awesome. And I suppose there were more details, like that I went to a conference in Shakopee where Mary was presenting our software, that we went from there to a Mexican place in Savage, then my friends accumulated at various happy hours around ...

goat in a basket

Dear Wendy, this review is specially for you. Product: Noxzema Bikini Shaver Price: $1.99 for a pack of three, at Target Pros: Works really well! Has a little comby thing so you don’t cut your hooha! Is funny when you leave the package on your boyfriend’s kitchen counter for a week! Cons: Falls through the razor rack in the shower ...


Dear Mr. Bunyan: I’ve heard that they’ve made great advances in prosthetics in recent years. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Sincerely, Jenni