the nuts.

Hope your weekend looks a lot like that. Bowling leagues started up again last night. My average is now 118, which means I’m setting the bar far too high. But it’s still kind of exciting, since I was never much for achieving triple digits. Tonight there will be more bowling, for the hotly-contested Zod Cup. Twenty-four of us will converge ...

my drink and my two-step

Oh yes, we were. I’m surprised I got up this morning. Oh, wait, I didn’t; it was after noon. So I decided to start Project 365 today. You know, that photo-a-day thing. Here’s #1! Happy new year, everybody! Here’s to an even more awesome 2009. Is that technically possible?

best year ever. 2

Man, that is awesome. (There are captions here, if you like.) While I’m being all nostalgic and sniffly about how great this year was (as always), you should have yourself a very good New Year’s. Please make a bad decision or two on my behalf; you know I’ll be doing the same for you. See you next year!


Matt did an excellent job of summing up our trip to Watertown (and many other Christmas celebrations) already. It’s not that I was waiting for him to do the hard work, really, it just took me two days to edit all the photos. I may already be regretting my resolution to take more pictures. (Some of them were really worth ...